Clozure Common Lisp: Playing with Identicons


Hash Visualization

Perrig, Adrian, and Dawn Song. “Hash visualization: A new technique to improve real-world security”. International Workshop on Cryptographic Techniques and E-Commerce. Vol. 25. 1999.

Examples of several hash visualization techniques may be seen at drhus/awesome-identicons on GitHub.

For Fun: GitHub Identicons

GitHub shows an identicon (based on a hash of the user’s ID) for users without a custom user picture.

The site uses the JavaScript library at to generate GitHub-style identicons interactively.


I made a screencast in which I incrementally write code to create GitHub-style identicons. The identicon.lisp source file contains the code written during the screencast.

See also On repl-driven programming, by mikel evins. My screencast is an attempt to demonstrate the sort of interaction he writes about.